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Gliding weather

All important maps and forecasts in one software – mobile phone, PC and as an app. Don’t miss any more good days and fly the best tasks – with TopMeteo.

Segelflug und Wetterkarten

Always know when it's good flying weather

Never miss good gliding weather again. With the 6-day forecast, you can already weigh up the weather for the weekend on Monday.

Spot good general weather conditions at an early stage. Plan exciting cross-country flights and fast Speed tasks.

More accurate forecasts directly on the day of the flight

Potential Flight Distance (PFD)

Identify good lines quickly and optimally plan cross-country flights.

Cloud distribution

Know more precisely which clouds await you on your flight.

Thermal maps

Find the better routes on your way thanks to cloud base and thermal forecasts.

Flight planning with FAI triangle

Flight planning

FAI sectors

For long-distance flights and speed tasks

Airspaces & Airports

Constantly updated for more planning security


Straight to LXNAV

In the cockpit - live images

iOS & Android apps

TopMetSat - the TopMeteo satellite app

Innovative image transmission

A modern transfer mechanism reliably takes care of fresh images in the cockpit. Unique on the market!

TopMetSat App
Dipl.-Met. Bernd Fischer

Thermikinfo Newsletter (in German only)

Dipl.-Met Bernd Fischer

Cross-country flight weather outlook from our meteorologists

Cross Country Newsletter

Short and sweet by email - the daily outlook on the flight conditions

Daily by email

Uncomplicated - wherever you are

Wave forecasts

Lee waves in Central Europe

In all relevant altitudes

Video tip

Check out the wave usage on our video tips page

Frequently asked questions and answers

All our packages can be used for all air sports. They vary in scope but all provide access to all of our forecasts, images and actuals.

The decision is whether the whole world or just one country is needed. Which of course determines the price. Or whether a 2-hour or 1-hour forecast resolution is sufficient. In addition, our cheapest subscription does not include support for our partners (e.g. Naviter or LXNAV).

Yes, we offer a 7-day trial period with no obligation whatsoever.

If your subscription includes partner support, a link between your TopMeteo account and your LXNAV account is possible at any time.

Yes, we offer Lee Wave forecasts for Central Europe. From the Alps to the Czech Republic.

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