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Thermal Maps, Potential Flight Distance Forecasts, Live Weather App, Flight Planning

Gliding forecasts

GAFOR Areas, Detailed Area Forecasts, METARs, TAFs, In-Flight App, Flight Planning

VFR forecasts

Local area forecasts, 10m wind (1kt resolution), Optimal thermal forecasts

Hang Gliding & Paragliding Forecasts

High altitude winds up to 7000m MSL, surface wind and gust forecasts, live radar app

Balloon forecasts

Our highlights

Professional forecasting models and real-time data

Daily forecast maps

For XC and VFR planning.

Assess the whole day at a glance.

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Hourly charts

For example, our cloud distribution. Our most popular chart among pilots.

The cloud image in a representation never before seen.

Detailed maps

Significant weather, cloud bases, blue or cloud thermals, and cloud spread trend.

All meteorological details needed before takeoff.

Our tools

Satellite / Radar / Lightning

Special satellite imagery for flight operations. High resolution and every five minutes. Real-time cloud analysis (tops, ceiling, lightning, radar, ..)

Location forecasts

Save your own locations and create and share your take-off points via coordinates. The weather in one place for the whole day in a tabular overview.

Video tips


Current airport report along the route.

Flight planning

Route planning based on the forecast and with current airspace data. For VFR flights or in FAI mode for cross-country flights.

Video tips


The popular representation of the GAFOR areas with data from the German Weather Service (DWD).

In-Flight Weather (iOS + Android)

The TopMetSat app – use current satellite and radar images directly in the cockpit.

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