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TopMeteo - flight weather from pilots for pilots

The TopMeteo team

With a passion for flying, the team around the two founders, Dipl.-Met. Dr. Bernd Goretzki (middle left) and Dipl.-Met. Jon Meis (centre right) continues to develop TopMeteo products.

Dipl.-Met. Bernd Fischer (right) contributes his many years of experience in aviation weather forecats and Stefan Goretzki (left) is the managing director and manages the operative business.

The team in detail

Dr. Bernd Goretzki

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Bernd is a passionate glider and motor pilot and also enjoys hot air balloon rides. There are now well over 6000 flight hours in his log book.

The qualified meteorologist has fulfilled his dream with TopMeteo: preparing the weather for users in such a way that they can carry out safe flights.

Bernd is Vice European Champion in the OLC and one of the most successful long-distance pilots in Europe.

Jon Meis


Jon is a passionate glider and motor pilot.

The graduate meteorologist refined his flight meteorological knowledge at gliding competitions in Germany, Poland and Sweden. New weather areas were added after expeditions in France, Austria, Namibia, USA, New Zealand and Chile.

Stefan Goretzki

Managing Director

Stefan has been flying since he was 13 years old and completed his first solo flight in an ASK-21 one day after his 14th birthday (it rained on the birthday itself).

Competitions followed (a brief stint in the Junior National Team) and flying holidays. He especially loves the mountains. An absolute highlight were the flights in the Chilean Andes, at almost 7000 m MSL high Aconcagua.

He also has almost 1000 hours as a commercial hot air balloon pilot.

Bernd Fischer

Weather expert

Bernd, also a qualified meteorologist, has been flying gliders for many decades.

He passes on his knowledge to his audience as a competition meteorologist or in lectures.

The Thermikinfo newsletter wouldn’t be half as exciting without Bernd.