Daily weather briefing for aircraft pilots

Weather briefing for aircraft pilots incl. PDF

Both routine and checklists are important pillars of flight safety and contribute to the stressless fun of flying. Sie sorgen für Sicherheit, Entspannung und Spaß beim Fliegen. The daily weather briefing is a part of this routine.

But what should be included into a daily weather briefing ?

We asked this question to many aircraft pilots, then confronted their answers with our meteorological knowledge. The result is a step-by-step typical weather briefing scheme which makes sure that nothing important will be left aside.

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Wave flight over the Alps

How to prepare your wave flight optimally

For all glider pilots who are enthusiastic about wave flying: TopMeteo provides mountain wave charts for flight preparation. In this article you will learn how to prepare for the flight, how the analysis works and what mountain waves are.

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